TV Industry memo 2

TV Industry memo 2


Spec script: your version of an established show (ie. your version of New Girl)

writers > ideas come from personal experience, etc

should not be “manufactured” (ie. FX has Soft, must wanted gg show)

something passionate about, could be about true things.

Fargo (TV show) : based off movie, but no relation to the movie.

formats: agency package show for writer, make more $ through pkgs. Find shows from other countries + “import” it into us for their writers they rep. Scripted programming imported shows

books good sources for ideas. new stories / articles

producers: non-writing producers > look for ideas / IP + try to find the right writer become expendable overtime.

ie. SOA > John Linsen? came up with idea and wanted to take ownership of show, disagreed with Kuit Sutter (Showrunner), very involved in original process.

Producers can also manage production(finances, HR w lactors)

writers usu producer too but may not be best leader, so non-writing producer.

development exective: like a coach > guide the writers point in r + direction giving creative notes. rough cuts.

1st year shows, shows in trouble > dev execs more involved > give notes, prod issues, etc., figure out the shows POV

proving ground

selecting projects > reactive job to select shows, hear pitches, need to buy in room sometimes

writer selling idea: go to agent. come up with pitch for snow

can also write a show on spec

treatment: reads like a short story. more detailed than outline

Sizzle reel (Video presentation)

Leave behind

actors / directors attached

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